Hospitality is the act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs of customers or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink and accommodation. In broad terms it can be said as “the relationship between a customer and a host”.


  1. Making the guest feel welcome personally

This requires both a friendly manner from your side towards the guests and an atmosphere of “liberty and good will” among the people who work with you in serving the guest. That often translates to an organization in which workers get along well with one another.

  1. Making things work for the guests-

Everything needs to be clean and in working order before the guests step foot on the establishment. A hospitality system requires a lot of work and the manager must see that it is done properly and maintained at all times.

  1. Making sure that the operation will continue to provide service and meet its budget-

As a hospitality manager, the key to achieving the above objective lies in achieving a controlled profitable operation. A better term to describe this management concern could be “conformance to budget”.


  • Focus on the guest
  • Understand the role i.e. duties and responsibilities of being a manager
  • Weave a service culture into education and training systems
  • Thrive on change



  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Respect and welcome all guests
  • Value the magic
  • Initiate guest contact
  • Creative service solutions
  • Always start with a “hello!! Welcome sir!!”
  • Always end with a “thank you”


  • Apathy (absence of passion)
  • Brush-off (to ignore or behave coldly)
  • Condescension (lack or respect)
  • Robotics
  • Rule book
  • Runaround (forming false excuses)

Focus Towards the Medical Assistant Research Programs

Whenever you are planning to deal with the right medical assistant structure, you have to get in touch with the programs, as mentioned under ABHES or the CAAHEP structures. Apart from getting in touch with the right subjects, some schools and universities might complete a present practicum. The practicum is provided by reputed experts, associated with this medical field, for more than a decade now.

Time for the practicum

This is a part of the major certified program, and it can be defined as a supervised, unpaid and onsite work experience. It relates with the ambulatory health care services. After you have taken hold of any program, next step is to go for the website of the institution, or can easily contact the director of the program. The program director is mostly used in order to answer certain specified questions.

Types of questions available

There are certain basic questions, which will be answered by experts of medical assisting programs. However, the questions might vary, while dealing with pharmacy technician courses, and the requisite certified programs. The questions of medical assistant courses are on the tuition cost and the associate financial aid options. On the other hand, some might ask questions on the academic prerequisite and the time it will take to complete any program courses.

Some of the other questions

Apart from the points mentioned, there are certain other questions related with the specified topics, which are to be covered, and the involvement of practicum. What is the percent of the student and programs, on a yearly basis, which pass the present CMA examination (Exam for medical assisting certification)? Are you willing to contact the AAMA for sharing examination pass rates? These are some of the most proficient questions, which will be answered by experts, related with these certified courses. You can bag the job only after holding a certification from accredited schools.

Medical Assistant a great career to choose

If medicine is your passion and you want to help people in pain, then medical office assistant is the career for you. The medical office assistants help the doctors in the medical practice and help the patients with medical insurance forms as well. Thus if you have an affinity for medical practice you can opt to be a medical assistant You have to be competent in administrative work as well and oversee the daily activities of the hospital. The smooth operations of the hospital depend mainly on the medical assistant.

Training programme

A formal training has to be undertaken to be a certified medical office assistant. To enroll in a training programme, you need to complete your high school education. After your training you need to be certified by Commission on Accreditation by Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Only on acquiring your certification can you start working. The candidate needs to have a good communication skill to interact with the patients and their families, good administrative skills with knowledge in basic computer skills. He must be aware of billing software and medical coding. However the person must be very alert and efficient.

Career Scope

Medical Assistant Salary

In recent times, this has become a popular career as there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Every medical facility has such a department and it is especially useful in small facilities. The average salary for medical assistant is around $ 34,000. However this range varies with experience. As there is a general rise in the medical care facilities, there is a growing requirement for such medical office assistants. Medical assistants need to be extremely efficient and multitask between medical role and administrative role. The accounts, the billing, the schedule of doctors everything has to be orchestrated by medical office assistants. Additionally he needs to be sensitive to the needs of the patient as well.

Find A Helping Hand In The Healthcare Administration Schools In Georgia

Find out your options and the regulations you need to meet if you want to be a part of the medical field. There are various posts you can work in depending on your education. If you have good leadership and communication skills, joining the administrative sector can be a good choice. However, in order to succeed in this field, it is important for you to improve your innate skills. So, you need to join the healthcare administration schools in Georgia.

Training is essential

It is essential to obtain training so that you can easily secure a place in this competitive market. The laws of Georgia require you to join accredited Schools. There are many in the state and these are the Brenau University, Clayton State University, Central Georgia Technical College and Western Governors University. You can join either the full time programs like that of the associate’s degree or the bachelor’s degree or the short term courses like the certificate programs.

Make a decent income

A complete analysis of the job market by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, shows that the yearly income for professionals can be around $75,000 to $100,000. An additional master’s degree or doctorate degree earned through the healthcare administration schools in Georgia, can help you make more. The report also states a rise in the employment opportunities for the sector. The growth is likely to continue till 20122.

Importance of registration

Other than completing your schooling, you would also be required to obtain a license. This is important because, your employers may ask for the same. In most of the states, the rules do not require you to obtain a license in order to work as holders of healthcare administration posts. You can obtain a license from the state board or you will have to pass the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards exam.