Medical Assistant a great career to choose

If medicine is your passion and you want to help people in pain, then medical office assistant is the career for you. The medical office assistants help the doctors in the medical practice and help the patients with medical insurance forms as well. Thus if you have an affinity for medical practice you can opt to be a medical assistant You have to be competent in administrative work as well and oversee the daily activities of the hospital. The smooth operations of the hospital depend mainly on the medical assistant.

Training programme

A formal training has to be undertaken to be a certified medical office assistant. To enroll in a training programme, you need to complete your high school education. After your training you need to be certified by Commission on Accreditation by Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Only on acquiring your certification can you start working. The candidate needs to have a good communication skill to interact with the patients and their families, good administrative skills with knowledge in basic computer skills. He must be aware of billing software and medical coding. However the person must be very alert and efficient.

Career Scope

Medical Assistant Salary

In recent times, this has become a popular career as there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Every medical facility has such a department and it is especially useful in small facilities. The average salary for medical assistant is around $ 34,000. However this range varies with experience. As there is a general rise in the medical care facilities, there is a growing requirement for such medical office assistants. Medical assistants need to be extremely efficient and multitask between medical role and administrative role. The accounts, the billing, the schedule of doctors everything has to be orchestrated by medical office assistants. Additionally he needs to be sensitive to the needs of the patient as well.

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